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Field Farm sits comfortably on a scale somewhere between a smallholding and a small farm. This 10 acre site is situated on the lush pastures of St.Lawrence in Jersey.  Born out of a passion for producing top quality local products from animals that have an enhanced quality of life; we (Jenni, a retired Radiographer - and the daughter of a Lincolnshire farmer, and husband David, a Surveyor) have lovingly converted what was once a large potato field into several paddocks, a timber farm and a home.

The animals are all reared on site and ‘Grown here not flown here’ is our motto.  We are members of 'Genuine Jersey' and over the years have expanded on our Products. The farm now produces seasonal Lamb, Pork, Bacon, Cloudy Sparkling Apple Juice, (a delicious blend of Apples from our own orchard, which we then carbonate to give a  delicate sparkle). It is very popular with adults and children alike, having no added water or sugar - just fizz!  We now also produce Sparkling Cider. Both of which have received 'Great Taste' awards. I also run Courses in Hen-keeping, Smallholding & Lambing Live!  In 2024 we will be producing Artisan Cheese using the famous Jersey Milk. Up to date news is published on Facebook - fieldfarmjersey.

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