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Breed Info
Indian Runners love foraging. They also like swimming in ponds and streams, but they are likely to be preoccupied in running around grassy meadows looking for worms, slugs, even catching flies. They appreciate open spaces but are happy in gardens from which they cannot fly and where they make much less noise than Call Ducks. Only the females quack. All drakes are limited to a hoarse whisper. Runners eat less in the way of grain and pellet supplement than big table ducks. Of course, they should be given calcium and protein-rich food, especially the ducks during the extensive laying season.

     Breeding Colours for this year:
sorry - only by request - Black
Eggs Per Year: 150-200
Egg Colour: Blue/green

Indian Runner Ducks


Sorry I no longer sell Indian Runners but I know a man who does !

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