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Speckled Sussex

The Speckled Sussex is generally a good forager, and easy to care for, they are a heavy dual purpose bird which are greatly desired not only for their looks, but also for their easy going nature, not to mention their egg laying ability and meat value. 

(Does not lay during the winter)

This breed is a large heavy breed that once fully grown are not very capable of flying too high so will not need a great big high fence to keep them under control once fully mature. 


The Speckled Sussex chicken originated in the county of Sussex and is a very old English breed and recognized as a distinct breed in 1914. The Sussex is a very gentle and colorful bird.   


Their speckled colouring makes them blend in with the background, with each yearly moult more speckles appear so they become even more colourful the older they get. 


Their bronze colouring makes them shine beautifully in the sun. The eggs are a pale fawn colour.


The parent birds are Top quality show standard birds.

Top Quality Point Of Lay £40

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